Boo’s Celebration of Life Zoom Information

Boo with her most favorite grandchild, Pip.

For those who would like to attend, however, can’t make it in in person, please see information for streaming the service.

Jeff Kackley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Becky’s Funeral
Time: Apr 20, 2024 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 3176 5182
Passcode: 139986

If anyone would like to make any donations in honor Mom, please see below:

You can make checks out to  Dabo’s All In Team Foundation and in the “memo” line, write “breast cancer” and/or “Becky Dingle”.

DABO’S ALL IN TEAM® Foundation
P.O. 1585
Clemson, S.C. 29633
Attn: PJ Tessman

Donations can also be made through Dabo’s All In Team Foundation’s website and type in “for breast cancer” and/or “Becky Dingle” in the comments section.


Dorchester Presbyterian Church

Online Donations:

Finally, a big thank you to Clemson President Clements for this letter that I received. I have no clue how it came to be so also a thank you to whomever set this up.

Boo is going to be very upset that I published this blog immediately rather than schedule it to post at 6am tomorrow. Tommy.

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Flower Power

My youngest daughter graduated from College of Charleston in 2010 and then Charleston School of Law in May of 2013. We were the proudest and most excited parents there…….or so I thought at the time. Following the graduation ceremony Kaitlyn  took us around to meet some friends.  I know you’ve already guessed by now but we were introduced to another graduate, Thomas Dingle and his family with his mom front and center. And that’s how Becky and I met. Kaitlyn introduced Tommy as her “friend” but in a hot minute we knew that was an understatement. Becky/Boo had the biggest smile you could imagine on her face just as she almost always did.  We all celebrated the graduates with their new degrees and their entrance to the world of jurisprudence.

Graduation marked the beginning of our wonderful friendship and the real acquaintance of my new “sister” Becky/Boo.  Actually,  my younger sister is also named Becky so sometimes it was a little confusing!  We celebrated many of the family holidays together even though we still lived in Chattanooga until 2020. One of the most exciting celebrations was Tommy and Kaitlyn’s wedding in May 2017 where Becky really rocked the dance floor. In 2020 Tommy and Kaitlyn bought the firm where they began their Law/legal careers.  More celebrating! Our children were our connection in the beginning but we had so many other things in common. For instance we both liked white wine especially when drinking it at a nice restaurant courtesy of our youngest children. Football season called for the orange jersey of your chose (Clemson for her and Tennessee for me.)  Next to our children/grandchildren we loved flower gardens. 

In  October of 2021 I decided to do something interesting for the fall and upcoming holidays so The Pumpkin Patch was born. Pumpkins dressed in succulents for lots of friends and neighbors including  Becky wanted a white pumpkin and I obliged.  She loved that pumpkin more than any floral arrangement or potted plant I ever made for her with the exception of Christmas 2023. Becky kept the first pumpkin for over a year. No Kidding. She used it for decoration and made it fit in for every occasion you can imagine. An entire year it remained intact in her Living room until one day it didn’t. I hope we can find a few of those photos to include so you will know I’m not just making this up. New pumpkins every year until October of 2023. Becky became very ill in the latter part of 2023 and eventually moved to Mandys following a trip to Edisto Beach with her best friends, the Ya’s.

After a few weeks at Mandy’s it was decided more comfort and care was needed and the move  to her new apartment at The Palms in Mount Pleasant. In the beginning Becky wasn’t sure she wanted to make that move but it soon became another Chapter in her life.  As she crossed this bridge her spirits began to improve as well as her health.

She became enchanted and loved her new apartment. It was like starting anew for her.  Her apartment was decorated with new furniture (to her) and bedding, towels and rugs.  Her most adored artwork came with her  and donned the walls of her new home. Family photos, landscapes, pics with her friends and the most cherished remembrance she carried in her arms was the portrait of her Mother.  She made it feel so warm, inviting and full of good memories.  She regained some of her strength and went shopping for new clothes. They all knew her at Chico’s.  Always up early and dressed every day she didn’t want to miss a minute.  Life was better but not quite fulfilling.  She missed her garden and beautiful flowers. And so the quest began. She had plants, a tree , wreaths, cut flowers and all kinds of decorations.  She wanted a planter full of Christmas bulbs and blooms and loved watching them grow every day. She sent me daily photos of the growing amaryllis  and the changes in the blooms as they filled out and snuggled together. (Pictured below)

Spring gave us even more opportunities and her garden was moved to the patio. The patio garden was filled with lots of pots and planters full of color bathing in the early warmth of the sun.  She was thrilled when Big and Little Red, the awesome red geraniums she had nurtured for many years,  made the journey from  Summerville to take up residence just outside her large glass patio door. She was really delighted to be able to go out and sit on her patio when she was feeling good and the weather cooperated. If not, she sat on her sofa and enjoyed the view snug in her beautiful and warm blankets.

Now that Becky was in Mt. Pleasant it became easier for her family and many of her friends to visit.   She entertained us all with stories, shared photo’s
and her outlook on life, football, kids, her favorite authors and trips she had made.  I loved listening to all her stories, everyone did. I think she was a legend.
Everyone that knew her loved her. She was so interesting and expressive.  I consider it a privilege to have known her, to learn from her and to give her beauty to enjoy along the way. Sometimes all we can do is hold hands with each other, say thank you, and I love you as we walk each other home.

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The Red Coat

Good afternoon!

I’m Sherri Houston and Becky and I taught together years ago at Alston. That’s when we really got to know each other and ultimately became good friends.

My husband and I moved to MS over three years ago and we recently lost touch.. and I just heard the sad news about her journey of late.

I wanted to share one of our many and crazy adventures…. And there were quite a few but this one is the one that we both always remembered.

Becky and I went to DC many years ago, sanctioned by DD2 school district. While there we took one of the trains to Alexandrea where Becky would explore while I took a Praxis test for my admin certification. Upon getting ready to leave Alexandrea, Becky told me about a great place to shop and said I’ll tell you when we need to get off. (The train) Being the avid shopper I am I was all too ready to disembark when that stop came. I was not about to miss the shopping. I jumped off the train and before Becky could gather her things and get off, the door closed, leaving me on the outside and her on the inside of the train. The look on each of our faces must have been that of horror! Since neither one of us had a great sense of direction and certainly weren’t familiar with the subway/train lines in DC, we were struck with fear, not only of finding each other EVERY AGAIN or getting safely to our hotel. Cell phones were not an option as neither of us had one at the time! I only knew Becky was wearing a RED COAT. But she was not the only one wearing a red coat that day.

Neither of us remember how we both ended up at the end of the line, but I spotted a red coat in the crowd and that gave me hope!

The Lord was with us! We found each other in spite of not having a clue how it happened! We would NEVER forget that adventure!

Becky and I took many trips together… Beta Club, chorus and others but the DC one was our most unforgettable! So glad she wore that RED COAT!

I’m so thankful for many, many good times, shared moments and crazy adventures with Becky…. A true friend, colleague, and beautiful soul!

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Our Boo Angel

We’re waiting on the obituary to be published but we wanted to go ahead and share it here with you all as well as arrangements.

On March 26, 2024, Rebecca B Dingle “Becky” or “Boo” walked through the gates of heaven into her new life. In an article about his mother published in 2011, her son, Tommy Dingle, wrote: 

“Mom is a survivor, not a cancer survivor and certainly not a victim. There is nothing more certain in this world to me than the fact nothing will beat my mother. Her legacy will remain on this earth long after she is gone, long after those reading this are gone.” 

Becky has not lost. She lives on through her stories and the memories of the hundreds of people who knew and adored her as a lifelong educator, mother, sister, friend and our “Boo”. Upon her diagnosis Becky decided she would set a goal to beat Scheherazade’s record of 1,001 stories in 1,001 nights from “Arabian Nights.” Her first blog post was published August 31, 2010 and she easily beat the record with her 1,002nd blog post on May, 29, 2013 which incidentally was the anniversary of her first surgery. She did not stop there and remained loyal to her 6:00 AM daily blog posts until family stepped in to continue in the days preceding her passing. You can continue to read Becky’s blog and submitted stories from loved ones at 

Becky is survived by her brother, Curtis Benjamin Barbour of Walterboro, South Carolina; her three children, Amanda “Mandy” D. Turner (John) of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Wallace “Walsh” D. Dingle (Mollie) of Wando, South Carolina, Thomas “Tommy” D. Dingle (Kaitlyn) of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; five grandchildren: Rutledge, Lachlan, and Eloise Dingle (Wallace), Jake and Eva Cate Turner (Amanda); and five grand dogs (who we’d be remiss to exclude): Pip, Atticus and George Dingle (Tommy and Kaitlyn), Dolly Dingle (Walsh and Mollie), and Winnie Turner (Mandy and John). We would run out of space to list the hordes of other family and friends who will miss her. Becky is predeceased in death by her mother and father, Lucille and Curtis Barbour, as well as her younger brother, David who we believe have happily received her. 

On August 30, 2023 (one day shy of the 10-year anniversary of her first blog post) Becky provided us with wisdom suited justfor this occasion. 

“When we pass through a gate we are making a choice to enter a new phase of life. Whether the gate leads to a new garden, house, opportunity or even heaven… we must be willing to embrace the other side and open up our hearts and souls to the possibilities of a new life… a new ‘us’.”

A celebration of Becky’s life will take place on April 20, 2024, at 1:00 PM at Dorchester Presbyterian church. All who loved her are welcome. You’re invited to dress in bright colors (especially Clemson colors) as they always made Becky happy. 

We believe Becky would rejoice in donations made to “Tigers for Tatas” which can be made through DABO’S ALL IN TEAMFoundation, PO 1585 Clemson, S.C. 29633 Attn PJ Tessmann([email protected]).  

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Finding friends in school

The next letter comes from Patty Knight

We were teacher friends in 1975 and I was just married and new at Alston Middle in Summerville. We were out in the portables and she and I were teaching 8th grade Social Studies. A new experience for me, and Becky pulled me through every day!!! We stayed friends as we were assigned to different schools. When Kristen was born, she gave me such a beautiful handmade bonnet for her and later could be a handkerchief. I still have it. 

Later her daughter would babysit Kristen for several years. We went and presented a Social Studies presentation on Teaching history without a textbook in Nashville. 

Good memories. We have stayed in touch for the last 30 years when we moved to Simpsonville. 

We stayed in touch and never let go. She has fought breast cancer and was always encouraging Kristen and my sister when she was fighting cancer. 

She just recently went to The Palms in Mt Pleasant to be near her family. She loved it there. 

She blogged every day … The Chapel of Hope. Always posting at 6:00am. About a month ago I asked her if I could help her by selecting a verse or a picture to share in her blog. Always receptive she started using them and said it made it easier for her. 

I will miss her sooo. Her imprint on my life will live on. She always called me Peppermint Patty. My heart hurts but I pray to see her again one day.

Thanks for listening/reading❤️I loved Becky Dingle!!!!

Once a friend, Always a friend!!!

Patty Knight

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The Next Great Adventure

None of us knows for sure what lies ahead after this life. Brookies story gave me great comfort that Boo headed into the great unknown for her next journey with much excitement.

One of the stories that Boo and I have laughed about the most is this:

When we were in college we heard on the radio that Clemson was playing in Georgia. We headed to Athens to see the game , so excited. We get to Athens and to the stadium. .. . 

no cars, no noise, no cheering. They were at Clemson.. not Athens.

February 11 when I visited Boo, I said “ Let’s just drive into  the unknown like we did going to Athens. We both laughed and said, “Let’s do it!”

Unbeknownst to either of us, we ended up at Hampton Plantation which was on Boo’s bucket list. What a glorious day!!❤️

I also had to share some of Boos own wisdom from a previous blog

When we pass through a gate we are making a choice to enter a new phase of life. Whether the gate leads to a new garden, house, opportunity or even heaven… we must be willing to embrace the other side and open up our hearts and souls to the possibilities of a new life… a new ” us.”

As far as arrangements for Becky. We plan to receive friends and family in Summerville and will provide a date and time as soon as we know it.

If you’d like to send wishes or thoughts to the family or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me (Kaitlyn) [email protected]. I’ll make sure all information and thoughts are relayed. Please feel free to continue to tell me Boo stories!

Love to all

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Blooming in Heaven

As Becky grew into her wings this morning Big Red blossomed.

Life is a circle and Boo has entered her next phase.

Her family and friends walked her home to her mother and father and others who will love her there as we have loved her here.

I stumbled upon a blog post Becky wrote in 2021 about waiting for the next Bloom…

Dear Reader: 

I am waiting on the next moonflower bloom to appear and open. Don’t you remember how excited I was when a couple of weeks ago the first gorgeous bloom appeared? 

I was at one of my lowest points-tired and sad-then suddenly as I was typing I glanced out my window and there was this beautiful moonflower bloom -a desperately needed God Wink.

So until tomorrow…”Living life in full bloom means living with hope and purpose in a way that cherishes and honors our planet, spirit, and each other. ” -Elizabeth Murray

I’ll share a few words from friends below

From Anne including a picture of Becky at the beach

We who have fled to him for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.” Hebrews 6:18-19

Carol Poole wrote

Native Americans believe that a person isn’t really gone until no one speaks their name or no one tells their story. I guess Becky will be immortal.

This isn’t the end of Becky’s story. Just a new beginning.

Becky was a legend, miracle, inspiration and many other things…but most of all she was our Boo.

Keep telling her story.

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Sister of Love

Today’s blog comes from Doodle Dingle.

Christmas Tea

Becky became my sister-in-law when she married into our family, but shared experiences, time, and the love of family have deepened that bond beyond anything the “law” could have dictated. Over the years, there have been many gatherings and trips, always centered around family: holidays, weeks at the beach, meals out (especially at Sweatman’s BBQ, Time Well Spent tea room, and Continental Corner), trips to visit family in Georgetown, Summerton, and Orangeburg. Several times we picnicked at Middleburg Plantation where we visited our grandfather’s cousin, renowned bird artist Edward von Siebold Dingle. On one trip to Middleburg, Becky collected handmade bricks from the yard and had brass label plates made, giving one to each of our immediate family units.  Over years of many holiday celebrations, the annual Dingle Easter Egg Hunt became one of the biggest events.  The Easter afternoon included family, friends, neighbors, and visiting grandparents–usually 40-50 people.  The egg hunts originated with Dee Dee and Becky joining forces when Mandy was a toddler.

Mandy and Boo at the beach for the family beach trip
Infamous Easter egg hunts

Both our families were members of the same church, and both of us (and other family members) were public school educators.  The first week after school dismissed for the summer, our church hosted Vacation Bible School.  For over 30 years, Becky and I partnered to lead recreation for hundreds of children.  SPUD anyone?? Our roles evolved as she became the “featured story teller”.

When Becky was ready for her garden after her cancer diagnosis, she teamed up with Anne Peterson and me to get started–Anne with vision and expertise and me with a shovel.  I took them to Hollowtree Nursery–the first of many trips.  Becky loved Hollowtree and Lisa (the owner).  Every spring, and on through summer and fall, something in her garden would sprout or bloom after its dormancy, and upon seeing it, Becky would take a picture and text it to me.  I’m sure I received dozens of those texts. “Look what I discovered when I just went out…do you happen to know what they are?” Often forgetting the names from year to year (hyacinth and stokesia aren’t the most common flower names), her joy came in the rediscovery of something old that had become new again. 

Becky never met a stranger.  She was always able to make a connection with people wherever she went.  And though she couldn’t remember the names of flowers, she always remembered people.  She had the most amazing ability to connect things–not just people, but events and ideas.Becky is a very special person.  She spread much joy in our world.  I am grateful that Becky became my sister.

Boo Dee Dee and Lassie
Boo Boo being a babe

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Finding a friend through football

GinG and Boo

We met 45 yrs ago through SHS football.  As time passed we found ourselves teaching in the same school…being in the same teacher sorority…both involved in grant writing and storytelling activities…having children involved in sports activities …and realizing that we were kindred spirits in so many ways.  In our retired yrs when we became Boo and GiGi we had another bond…grandchildren and granddogs.  We visited a lot and went on adventures about town and nearby places always laughing and having fun…even if it was her annual trip to be scanned…nerve racking to others but not Becky.  If it was she pushed it way down to allow time to go out to eat…etc.  We loved so many of the same things…God…family…friends…laughter…caring about others and eating ice cream or some other sweet.  We ate ice cream in downtown Svlle when they redid the downtown area…we ate it in the car during Covid singing to Carole King songs and at Chick Fil A.  She was always ready for a good time sad times…just happy ones.  She is the friend that you go to when you need to be uplifted even if she is fighting her own battles.  Love her lots…Gin-g 

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A God Wink

It’s not tomorrow yet but I just HAD to share this with you all!

While I have many exceptional stories about how Becky has changed and shaped my life, I just wanted to share this God wink that Becky would love. The first thing I do every morning is open Becky’s blog to get the inspiration I need for the day. After reading the blog this morning from Honey, we went to church and sat in our usual row. When the scriptures are read, I like to follow along so I opened the bible that was in front of me in the pew. I opened the bible and the dedication inside was a definitive testament to Becky and Honey’s long time friendship. I have attached a photo-a God wink for sure since this is not the bible that usually sits in that pew! 

Blessings and love to all of you,

Michele (Robertson) Jones 

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