Blooming in Heaven

As Becky grew into her wings this morning Big Red blossomed.

Life is a circle and Boo has entered her next phase.

Her family and friends walked her home to her mother and father and others who will love her there as we have loved her here.

I stumbled upon a blog post Becky wrote in 2021 about waiting for the next Bloom…

Dear Reader: 

I am waiting on the next moonflower bloom to appear and open. Don’t you remember how excited I was when a couple of weeks ago the first gorgeous bloom appeared? 

I was at one of my lowest points-tired and sad-then suddenly as I was typing I glanced out my window and there was this beautiful moonflower bloom -a desperately needed God Wink.

So until tomorrow…”Living life in full bloom means living with hope and purpose in a way that cherishes and honors our planet, spirit, and each other. ” -Elizabeth Murray

I’ll share a few words from friends below

From Anne including a picture of Becky at the beach

We who have fled to him for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.” Hebrews 6:18-19

Carol Poole wrote

Native Americans believe that a person isn’t really gone until no one speaks their name or no one tells their story. I guess Becky will be immortal.

This isn’t the end of Becky’s story. Just a new beginning.

Becky was a legend, miracle, inspiration and many other things…but most of all she was our Boo.

Keep telling her story.

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7 Responses to Blooming in Heaven

  1. Brock Beaver says:

    A blessing and a light to anyone graced with her presence. An infectious smile coupled with a harmonious laugh, she will always bless us.

  2. My condolences. Your mother brought joy and hope into my life every morning.

  3. Beth Brewer says:

    What a blessing she was to so many! I celebrate her life and know that she is with the Lord.

  4. Sis Kinney says:

    My heart is heavy with sadness. But I know that what Carol said, how Becky’s story will continue to be told through those who survive her. We who have heavy hearts filled with sadness need to just keep telling her story and loving who she was to each of us. She will be dearly missed by many here in this world, but I know she is dancing in love in the one that awaits we who believe. Rest in peace and rise in glory, sweet friend Becky.

  5. Kim Smyth says:

    I only knew her through her blog but she touched me anyway and I’m reading all this through my tears. Happy ones though as I know she is now in the arms of her Lord and some day I may get to meet her there -if I’m lucky and blessed!

  6. Ambika Suresh says:

    I’m extremely sorry for your loss, but I agree that Becky is indeed Blooming in Heaven.. my condolences for your whole family… May her sweet soul Rest in Peace..

  7. Michael says:

    I’m really sad to hear about Mrs. Dingle. I always loved our talks after I cut the grass at her house. My dad grew up in Summerville and we moved back to Summerville when I was in high school. Mrs. Dingle and I would talk about the old days and how much Summerville has changed. She was such a sweet lady and I’ll never forget her. The flowers and trees are always in bloom where she is now. My condolences to all her family and close friends. I only knew her for a short time until I moved back to the country but she was definitely a special one and my favorite customer without a doubt… Her blogs always picked me up.
    Sincerely, Michael

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