Finding a friend through football

GinG and Boo

We met 45 yrs ago through SHS football.  As time passed we found ourselves teaching in the same school…being in the same teacher sorority…both involved in grant writing and storytelling activities…having children involved in sports activities …and realizing that we were kindred spirits in so many ways.  In our retired yrs when we became Boo and GiGi we had another bond…grandchildren and granddogs.  We visited a lot and went on adventures about town and nearby places always laughing and having fun…even if it was her annual trip to be scanned…nerve racking to others but not Becky.  If it was she pushed it way down to allow time to go out to eat…etc.  We loved so many of the same things…God…family…friends…laughter…caring about others and eating ice cream or some other sweet.  We ate ice cream in downtown Svlle when they redid the downtown area…we ate it in the car during Covid singing to Carole King songs and at Chick Fil A.  She was always ready for a good time sad times…just happy ones.  She is the friend that you go to when you need to be uplifted even if she is fighting her own battles.  Love her lots…Gin-g 

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Learning about love and life with my puppy dogs and husband through mindfulness, yoga, and mixed with a little bit of law.
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  1. Cynthia Ashley says:

    Gin-g and Boo – two special people I am honored to have in my life.

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