The Red Coat

Good afternoon!

I’m Sherri Houston and Becky and I taught together years ago at Alston. That’s when we really got to know each other and ultimately became good friends.

My husband and I moved to MS over three years ago and we recently lost touch.. and I just heard the sad news about her journey of late.

I wanted to share one of our many and crazy adventures…. And there were quite a few but this one is the one that we both always remembered.

Becky and I went to DC many years ago, sanctioned by DD2 school district. While there we took one of the trains to Alexandrea where Becky would explore while I took a Praxis test for my admin certification. Upon getting ready to leave Alexandrea, Becky told me about a great place to shop and said I’ll tell you when we need to get off. (The train) Being the avid shopper I am I was all too ready to disembark when that stop came. I was not about to miss the shopping. I jumped off the train and before Becky could gather her things and get off, the door closed, leaving me on the outside and her on the inside of the train. The look on each of our faces must have been that of horror! Since neither one of us had a great sense of direction and certainly weren’t familiar with the subway/train lines in DC, we were struck with fear, not only of finding each other EVERY AGAIN or getting safely to our hotel. Cell phones were not an option as neither of us had one at the time! I only knew Becky was wearing a RED COAT. But she was not the only one wearing a red coat that day.

Neither of us remember how we both ended up at the end of the line, but I spotted a red coat in the crowd and that gave me hope!

The Lord was with us! We found each other in spite of not having a clue how it happened! We would NEVER forget that adventure!

Becky and I took many trips together… Beta Club, chorus and others but the DC one was our most unforgettable! So glad she wore that RED COAT!

I’m so thankful for many, many good times, shared moments and crazy adventures with Becky…. A true friend, colleague, and beautiful soul!

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  1. Kim Smyth says:

    God certainly helped you both on that day! Did the shopping ever happen?

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