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Let Go of the Illusion It Could Have Been Any Different

Dear Reader: Do you remember your first time driving through a ” roundabout ” …especially in a foreign country? Terrifying driving or riding-my first introductions to them were in Ireland. I felt like I was on a ride at Disney … Continue reading

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Unexpected Memorable ” Labels”

Dear Reader: I have a few precious hours of alone time today and part of me just wants to sleep! So I will throw some random thoughts today out in the universe. My brother Ben worked with mentally challenged children … Continue reading

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Think Twice Before You Call a “Barbour”

Dear Reader: My StoryWorth question this week was to share some family genealogy. I chose my father’s Scottish side since I had more information on it. The surname Barbour originated with the ancient Strathclyde-Britons. Barbour came from a term depicting … Continue reading

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Feeling Lost in the Fog When Our Course Changes

Dear Reader: Yesterday morning I had the best conversation with my brother in awhile-he could share his feelings more openly about the hospital experience and how frightening it was. He said the problem was that there was somebody new coming … Continue reading

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” Oh… it’s Just You!”

Dear Reader: I sometimes have to laugh at the irony of the on-going debate over wearing masks! Personally I like them-don’t have to worry with make-up-just simply put on a mask and go… and it has been recommended by health … Continue reading

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” The End of Words”

Dear Reader: I am slowly beginning to realize that I am not in control and never was. How easy it is to forget that on the grand time-line of life we humans are late-comers to the party. Yet don’t humans … Continue reading

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Creating Moments of Joy

Dear Reader: A major God Wink yesterday… a book that helped me with mother’s journey into dementia arrived by Amazon yesterday from Brookie- right after we hung up ! The latest new edition of Creating Moments of Joy. perfect timing … Continue reading

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The Moods of Twilight

Dear Reader: Today Twilight is my favorite time of day. There is nothing more serene than watching a sunset and listening to nature preparing to end another day with the animals and birds final sing-off of the day. If I … Continue reading

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Learning to Breathe Again

Dear Reader: I think one of the most emotionally challenging situations in life is losing a loved one mentally before physically. The loved one is there … but simultaneously not there. It is like looking at and listening to a … Continue reading

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Meeting Them Where They Are

Dear Reader: The phrase ” meeting people where the are” has gained in popularity the past few years. What does this expression really mean? It means ” bridging the gap between your own expectations and where the other person is … Continue reading

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