The Next Great Adventure

None of us knows for sure what lies ahead after this life. Brookies story gave me great comfort that Boo headed into the great unknown for her next journey with much excitement.

One of the stories that Boo and I have laughed about the most is this:

When we were in college we heard on the radio that Clemson was playing in Georgia. We headed to Athens to see the game , so excited. We get to Athens and to the stadium. .. . 

no cars, no noise, no cheering. They were at Clemson.. not Athens.

February 11 when I visited Boo, I said “ Let’s just drive into  the unknown like we did going to Athens. We both laughed and said, “Let’s do it!”

Unbeknownst to either of us, we ended up at Hampton Plantation which was on Boo’s bucket list. What a glorious day!!❤️

I also had to share some of Boos own wisdom from a previous blog

When we pass through a gate we are making a choice to enter a new phase of life. Whether the gate leads to a new garden, house, opportunity or even heaven… we must be willing to embrace the other side and open up our hearts and souls to the possibilities of a new life… a new ” us.”

As far as arrangements for Becky. We plan to receive friends and family in Summerville and will provide a date and time as soon as we know it.

If you’d like to send wishes or thoughts to the family or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me (Kaitlyn) [email protected]. I’ll make sure all information and thoughts are relayed. Please feel free to continue to tell me Boo stories!

Love to all

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2 Responses to The Next Great Adventure

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    Like i said before, i just met your Boo through her beautiful blog and was as inspired by her as if i had met her in real life! My name is Kim, I’ve been reading and commenting since just after visiting in Edisto this past November, when some nice blogger found out and said that he knew of a lovely blogger from SC i might enjoy. How I did!! I’m so sorry to have lost her too, she was a wonderful soul who obviously touched everyone she met. I’m so glad you are keeping up her blog, and i do wish i could have met her in person.

  2. Roz VanAlstyne says:

    I was lucky enough to teach with Becky at Alston Middle School from 1977-1989. After our family moved to Indiana, I continued to see her yearly when we would return to vacation on the Isle of Palms. Our visits were always filled with heartfelt memories of our times together and sharing the new paths our lives had taken. For me, Becky represents the gold standard of a life well lived, from her incredible teaching, to her dedication to her family and community, and to the absolute joy she brought to being with her. While the sobering fact is that she is gone, the enlightening realization is that she will never leave us. I am honored and grateful to call her my friend.

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