When Women Paved the Right to Vote-August 18, 1920

Mandy is a history buff and she researched when women got to first vote

She loved reading children’s books that explained when women broke all kinds of restrictive barriers… including suffrage-the right to vote, space travel, medicine. Etc.

My mother was born on Christmas 1919 so she was always proud that she was born in time to be alive to witness the first time women could vote … months and months of fighting bill after bill. But it happened. Mother inspired her granddaughter Eva Cate to read books on courageous stories … bravery at its best!

Wyoming was the first state in which women voted!


Eva Cate got her strength from her grandmother!

Yesterday Chelsea Clinton revealed her series-for young and adolescent girls! Eva Cate loves it!

These are the types of books our youth should embrace.

So until tomorrow Be proud of being a woman…and our lineage!