Fickle Fall Has Arrived

Dear Reader:

Just as the official fall season arrives this morning…our temperatures are on the climb again…mid-to high 80’s…but they aren’t just stopping there; before the week is out the 90’s might pop back out again. Such is fickle fall in the lowcountry.

I think I will probably pull a few fall decorations out today in commemoration of the long-awaited season…but to be honest it is kinda hard to get in the  seasonal spirit of autumn when it feels like summer…hot, humid summer!

…Still “Google Doodle” (*love the name Doodle) appeared today on the internet welcoming everyone to the first day of fall…too cute!

For the past few days the mornings and evenings have all had a hint of the fall flavor temps in them and hoping this phase will continue…even with the higher afternoon warming trend.

Ah…Jake’s and my birthday weekend was spectacular! As I stared at the annual picture of Jake and me on the hearth…I noticed how long Jake’s legs were draped over mine….time is passing…Jake is lengthening … and Boo is shortening!

Lachlan and Jake held up their five fingers…but actually Lachlan (L) won’t turn five until March…by the size you wouldn’t know it…Jake gets Lachlan’s hand-me-downs (very appreciatively! 🙂 Lachlan loved the dinosaur pet he picked out for Jake.

Aunts, Uncles…and lots of loving cousins all gathered for the birthdays.  Family gene pools produce cousins that looks like siblings…as in Eva Cate and Lachlan….and cute little Eloise and Jake have the same big blue eyes.

Aunt Doodle and Aunt Lassie brought the top two favorite toys…a transporter and a train…Both toys were kept busy, being played with, all afternoon and… evening for the babysitter. John solves the new basketball platform dilemma…two birds with one stone.

The tooth fairy has arrived at Rutledge’s house! A lot of loving going on with Atticus and Pip!

With a breakfast brunch…the candle was blown out on a chocolate donut. With all the presents the children still love playing with the dogs the best.

Kaitlyn got the train tracks put together and Jake (like his sister and  cousins) loves Tommy and Kaitlyn’s dogs.


John, Mandy, and myself all managed to sneak a short nap ( taking turns in intervals) in preparation for the adults’s dinner party at The Oak Steak House Saturday evening. (Delicious!!!!!!!!!!) We had the best waiter who really made the night special for a benchmark birthday!

And then came the gift…the most precious gift of all….A photo album book of my entire family! These were selected pictures from Mollie’s talented photographer friend (Sarah) taken back in August.

Happiness is….! I have already looked at the pictures over and over and over again and no doubt will look at them a couple of hundred thousand times  more. I love them so! Thank you Mollie for pulling this all together…not an easy task!

Kaitlyn shared with me one photo that didn’t make the book but it is probably the most “honest” shot of all…no posing. Rutledge is looking to the left, Eva Cate to the right, Jake- upward, Lachlan is glaring straight at the camera..and baby Eloise is screaming…I am “shooing” …now that is a true “Boo moment” with the grandchildren!

Will share some more family photos later…but wanted you to have a laugh or two today.

So until tomorrow….Let’s all smile that Fall has fallen…whether you are “feeling” it or not yet. It is the smells, sounds, and tastes that make fall…burning leaves, smores, campfires, football shouts and cheers, hot popcorn, and caramel apples.  It is the most popular season world-wide and one to be held in highest gratitude for beauty beyond comparison. The temperatures dip and we all sip… on hot chocolate and/or apple cider!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh


*Fall actually falls on Rhodes’ birthday… today- September 23…Rhodes turns 3! I think we should name Rhodes… “King Rhodes of the Fallen Leaves.” This is a wonderful time for Lee and Vikki…sixth anniversary and third birthday for Rhodes…Fall is magical!








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3 Responses to Fickle Fall Has Arrived

  1. bcparkison says:

    What a fun time was had by all. October will be just around the corner and birthdays here will pop. Even a new little girl will make her appearance …just waiting for her Dad to get back home. Hopefully.
    The family photo is really good….and every one has a touch of blue. Perfect.

  2. Rachel Edwards says:

    Oh my…what wonderful pictures and a delightful time…Happy 70th..

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